A Pacific Coast Bike Tour By the Numbers

A Pacific Coast Bike Tour By the Numbers


We are borrowing something our friend, Evadne, who posted on her Tumblr blog in revealing our Pacific Coast bike tour by the numbers.  Enjoy!

78178: elevation gained (ft)

77760: calories burned

4840: highest elevation gain in a day (ft)

1413: total tour miles

1269: total cost per person ($)

127: hours on the saddle

78: most miles ridden in a day

50: average miles per day

43: max speed (mph)

40: average spending per day ($)

32: total days on tour

28: days on the saddle

28: nights of camping

11: average speed (mph)

10: new friends made

7: ferry rides

5: weight loss (lbs, Johnny)

4: days off

3: states biked

3: KOA stay

3: jars of peanut butter consumed

3: old friends reunion

3: consecutive days w/o a shower

3: whales seen

2: countries biked

2: hostels stay

2: flats (Sang Hyun)

2: rode through trees

1: dead slug in Sang Hyun’s Keen

1: hotel stay

1: bald eagle encounter

1: wolves howling

0: flats (Johnny)

0: weight loss (lbs, Sang Hyun)

Is there anything from this list that stands out to you? Anything that you’re curious about?  Let us know in the comments.  This was pretty fun to compile.

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  • Sasha Stone
    Posted at 17:51h, 09 September

    This is fascinating and hilarious. What’s KOA?

    • Johnny Lam
      Posted at 17:43h, 13 September

      @Sasha – A KOA is a company that are fancier RV campgrounds. They have multiple locations all over the country.

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