My Best Gear

For those of you who just want to know what are the best things that I use on my bike tours, here you go!

If it’s not on here, that means I haven’t found something I absolutely love. I am open to suggestions, so let me know if you have a favorite bike touring gear.

My Touring Bike

Salsa Vaya In Vermont

2013 Salsa Vaya 3

This bike has been with me all around the world. It’s scratched, dinged up, and sliced apart, and yet it still runs like a champ after some servicing. You can swap tires and make this into an offroad beast. All-around great bike! It’s the only bike I own and ride today.

Best Seat

Selle Anatomica Seat

Selle Anatomica X-Series

The most comfortable leather seat you’ll ever sit on. No break-in time. Best if you weigh under 200lbs.


Best Handlebar Tape

Brooks Leather Bar Tape

On the expensive side, but this is so well worth it. I’ve had the same tape on my handlebars for multiple cross-country rides, and it still looks new. The color matches well with the seat.


Best Tires

Schwalbe Marathon

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Best touring tires hands down! This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I’ve ridden with 3 sets, and they’ve all worn down gracefully. The only tires I would trust on my bike.

$38.64 – $131.95

Best Panniers

Ortlieb Classic Back Roller

Ortlieb Classic Roll (Discontinued)

Durable, waterproof material that will last a long time. I’ve been out in torrential downpours only to find that the driest spots were in these bags. While you’re at it, pick up the handlebar bag (



Best Rear Rack

Tubus Logo Evo

Tubus Logo Evo

Bomb proof rear rack. The top shelf is a bit narrow, but the build quality is amazing. I love the way it looks and it is able to carry 2 large panniers across countries and states.


Best Front Rack

Salsa Down Under HD Front Rack

Salsa Down Under HD Front Rack

I owned the first version of this rack and it was terrible, but so far, the upgraded one is beefier and is rated to hold up to 55 lbs! There are other front racks out there that give you a platform for more gear carrying space on top, but I prefer these because they pack flat and are great when you’re traveling.


Best Platform Pedal

MKS Lambda

MKS Lambda

The bearings on these pedals are so smooth. I challenge you to find another set of platform pedals that spin so freely after all the miles I’ve put on.


Best Water Bottle Cage

King Cage Stainless Steel Iris

King Cage Stainless Steel Iris

The best cages I’ve used for my Klean Kanteen (Amazon) bottles. Minimal scratches and they look awesome!


Best Multi-Tool

Topeak Alien II 26 Multi-Tool

Topeak Alien II 26 Multi-Tool

The most comprehensive multi-tool in the market. It will get you out of many snafus on the road. I don’t leave home without it, whether I am on the road or just riding around town. 


Best Spoke Replacement Tool

FiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit

FiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit

It doesn’t matter if you have a 700C or 20” wheel, the FiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit will be there to keep those wheels straight and rolling until you can finally reach the next bike shop. It’s so small and light that I always have 2 with me when I’m traveling.


Best Vlogging Camera

Canon G7X Mark II

Canon G7X Mark II

It’s small and takes amazing videos and photos. It can wirelessly transfer pictures to your phone to post online. One downside is that dust will destroy this camera, so take care of it. I’m onto my 2nd one. I use this bag and this ND filter for preventative measures.


Best Travel Undergarment



One of the most comfortable undergarment I’ve ever worn. It is fast drying and packs away compact. If you don’t have access to a washing machine, just handwash it in the sink and hang dry it overnight. It dries very quickly, and if not, slap them on and your own body heat will dry it out. On my trips, I keep 2 to 3 pairs in my luggage and rotate them for clean underwear everyday.

$15.60 – $26.00

You can also see more on how I pack for my tours in the “What’s in My Bag” YouTube videos [Part 1 | Part 2].