2014 – Week 12 – Internet Round Up

2014 – Week 12 – Internet Round Up


FietsKlik rack and cargo tote – An interesting cargo carrying option coming out of Amsterdam. It’s a pretty neat concept and looks like a cooler on your bike.  The concept was born with the need to carry a crate of beers.  The tote actually has a built-in handle and the rack mount system is designed to also allow a child seat attachment.  That feature is actually going through crowd funding.  The system is ready yet as they are waiting for the crowd funding to be completed.


Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety – A few great innovations that will help boost bike safety.  The article highlights interesting device like a loud horn, a laser drawn bike lane while you ride so it is visible to motorists as you ride, and several security devices like BikeSpike which tracks your bike when stolen or BitLock which is an alarm for your bike controlled through your smart phone.  As pointed out by one of our commenters on Google+, it’s really what’s between your two ears is the best thing for safety but since we love gadgets, these are great to check out.

Help Improve Digital Map and Data OfferingAdventure Cycling Association is needing our help to improve routes and maps with your GPS.  If you ever traveled through the Northern Tier Bicycle Route, please forward your GPS information to ACA.  Putting together GPX files for bicycle tourists to download and provide turn by turn directions would be helpful for those who will be planning similar trips.

Israel gearing up for bicycle tours – We’re not the only country who loves bike touring. Travel Week highlights many great points of interest at the Holy Land.  The government invested about $30 million in 2008 to improve its cycling infrastructure so there are plenty of bicycle friendly options and many opportunities to see Israel on two wheels.

Californians walking, cycling, and using public transportation doubles – More news coming out of California indicating the decline in automobile reliance.  The results are from the California Household Travel Survey indicates that Californians who are walking, cycling, or using public transit more than double since 2000.  This will help the CalTrans construct better infrastructure to allow people to get to where they need on their own power.

Boston: Bicycle along the North Shore for view and craft brews – LA Times is doing a piece on bike tours in Boston which features craft brew visits.  The tour is put on by Great Freedom Adventures which highlights bicycles and beers in the North Shore and Cape Ann area of Massachusetts.  There are 2 weeks this summer that they’re running this tour, June 15-20 and August 17-22 so get in on the fun.

Bike lanes in Nashville will cater to “everyday” cyclists – Good news coming out of Tennessee with improved infrastructure.  New bike lanes will be constructed on Riverside Drive which will cater to more urban bicycling rather than the typical recreational cyclists in lycra.  It’s great that the city of Nashville is recognizing the importance of having better infrastructure for the people whether they are on their feet, 2 or 4 wheels.

You can have any color you want. As long as it's black.
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The Proportions of Young Americans Who Drive Has Plummeted, And No One Knows Why – Another story indicating the decline in car ownership for Millennials.  These Millennials views owning a car as a nuisance and are more in favor of owning a smart phone which provides them much more freedom.  With the higher price of gasoline and general higher cost of car ownership, young Americans are opting not to own or drive.

Wipeout: L.A.’s Worst Streets For Cycling – A good article highlighting streets we should be careful on and alternatives.  Very helpful for people who are new to Los Angeles as well as folks who have been here for a while.  I know I find myself using some of these alternative routes constantly to get around town.

Atlanta Beltline: Trail of the Month: March 2014 – More infrastructure improvements for cyclists coming out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Rails to Trails is giving kudos to the Beltline in March for the usage when the weather warms up.  People confess that this improves their quality of life.  Not bad for an abandoned rail system.

Plan would bring bicyclists into heart of Connelsville – Pennsylvania doesn’t want to be left out of improved bicycling infrastructure.  $1.7MM is up for grabs as they are looking to approach this in 2 phases to build out infrastructure near Pittsburgh.  The only concerns is the amount of maintenance during colder months as these paths are not used.


Cyclist hit by pickup truck, mattress cushions his fall – Amazing video where a cyclists gets clipped and a falling mattress from the truck breaks his fall.  This is probably the closest thing to a once in a life-time occurrence so watch how this cyclist gets saved.  Maybe cyclists are like cats with 9 lives?


Going multimodal today. #bikela #mydayinla @metrolosangeles

Official business. Move along. @cicleorg @kcyclivist #volunteering #bikela

Getting ready to roll! #bikela #artride #pasadenaartride @cicleorg

Damian Kevitt talking about finish the ride. @cicleorg bikela #artride #pasadenaartride

They call this art. Loud noises. @cicleorg #bikela #artride #pasadenaartride

That’s right folks. That’s a fire chandelier. #bikela #artride #pasadenaartride @cicleorg

Life of a cyclist.

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