2014 – Week 17 – Internet Round Up 2


When Does a Cycling Boom Go Wrong? When Everyone Rides on the Sidewalk – Not all cycling boom is good. In the city Santiago de Chile, they are seeing a 20% increase in bicycle usage but this comes with a cost.  Because their infrastructure was poorly thought out, many cyclists opt to ride the sidewalk with pedestrians, rather than on the streets.  Even though only 30% of the population drives, the city refuses to aggressively put in policy against the automobile in favor of safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  Unlike other cities like New York, Mexico, and Bogota, Santiago is growing in a way that is not helpful with the bike movement.  Let’s make sure we learn from this.

The Rise of The North American Protected Bike Lane –  This is a great article in Momentum Magazine in which the writer explores the history of cycle tracks throughout cities in he country and compares with how the Dutch are doing with their bicycling infrastructure.  We are seeing more and more cities adapting changes which includes cycle tracks as that attracts more cyclists such as women, the elder, and children who may not be in their peak physical shape as a typical cyclist.  The article doesn’t mention Los Angeles but we are also seeing the initial setback where local businesses are battling against having our first cycle track constructed on Figueroa Boulevard as businesses thinks that this change would negatively impact their business.  We can only hope that we get more protected bike lanes in the near future so we can collect the appropriate data to report back about the positive impacts of such a change.


Carlos Morales Video

First Person: Carlos Morales brings bicycling culture to east LA – Our friend and gracious host of our Bike Touring 101 presentation in March, Carlos Morales, is profiled on KPCC.  Go check out his inspiring story about how the bicycle helped him trim his weight down from 400 lbs and weened him off his medication and serious health issues.


Day 17 of #30daysofbiking: I’ve always wanted to ride down to the beach during a work day. Why not on my last day? #toolittletoolate

Come get your $1 ice cream @peddlerscreamery @lacbc #mangochili #bikela #happyanniversary

Brilliant Fiat ad in Brazil. Caption reads, “Now you see it, now you don’t.”

Did someone say change? #longtoshort #haircut #egghead

Day 18 of #30daysofbiking: Took a couple of laps in my parent’s backyard like I did as a kid. #shadowselfie #memories

So we found this! #snakesonaride #naturecenter

Day 19 of #30daysofbiking: Santa Ana river path. Major nail in Sang Hyun’s tire. #bikeie #norco #corona

This place looks pretty cool from the outside. #nofilter #indiantemple #chinohills

Day 20 of #30daysofbiking: Doing some urban exploration in #chinohills. #indiantemple #dirtriding

2 bags hold my writing & entertainment needs. #ontheroadpublishing #freewifi #libraryrocks #ipadmini #sonymdrv6 #reppingla

Day 21 of #30daysofbiking: Another view from the top. #lookmanohands #kidsdonottrythisathome #giro

What I’m bringing to Ojai for a quick S24O with @salsacycles & @topangacreek

We made it to Ventura! #biketouring

Obligatory bikes on the pier photo #biketouring @oceanaircycles @topangacreek

Rob from @oceanaircycles joined us in Ventura. One of the beautiful bike on this ride. #biketouring #s24o

Conrad is riding with a hiking bag and some @goalzero solar panels. He’s their marketing rep. Blew his mind with a bike trailer idea. #biketouring #s24o

Day 22 of #30daysofbiking: My entourage today. Riding to Ojai. Happy Birthday Chris! @topangacreek @oceanaircycles

Happy Birthday, Chris! @topangacreek

This is camp food? Roast beef and rye bread. #biketouring #yum

Salsa demo riding! @salsacycles @themobshop #ilovemywednesday #bikeojai

Can’t stop smiling! @salsacycles @themobshop #fatbikelove #beargrease

Day 23 of #30daysofbiking: Riding from Ojai to Burbank! #puttingonmileage #pointmugu #pch @topangacreek

My sag vehicle. @metrolosangeles bus 222 from Hollywood to Burbank. #tired #hungry #dirty #selfie

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