Training for a Bike Tour
Bicycle touring is like an intricate domino course where the first brick laid down will trigger a huge chain of positive reactions. Those who have experienced it first hand will know what I am talking about. You start your trip with a lot of hope and excitement. You welcome all the experiences whether it is […]

Training for a Bike Tour   Recently updated !

Group Shot 9
Last fall, I decided I wanted to learn more about bike touring professionally and begin tracking every one of my milestone rides, so I started this blog.  I also decided that I should be trained and learn from people who have been doing this for awhile.  That meant i needed to sign up for Adventure […]

An Adventurer’s Leadership Training Course

That was the question I had a few months ago when I signed up to be a LCI. This was the League of American Bicyclist‘s national program to allow me to teach bicycle safety to the public. But before I can become a LCI, I needed to take some prerequisites. Let me tell you how […]

To Train or Not To Train