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What Kind of Insurance do you need for a bike tour?
Times use to be simpler, where you could just take off and hope for the best. Unfortunately, hoping for the best is a rather naive way to think, especially when you have so many things on the line when you are traveling by bike. Everyone goes out hoping for the best case scenario, but you […]

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Bike Touring?   Recently updated !

My 5 Fears of Bike Touring 1
Looking back on my life, fear has dominated my outlook and ambition on more than one occasion. It was not until recently that I have learned to recognize when fear is taking hold of me and acknowledge it before I make a decision. With bike touring, there are many fears one may feel. Instead of […]

My 5 Fears of Bike Touring (And How I Overcame ...   Recently updated !

Camping at night 6
During my recent Bike Touring 101 presentation, there was a question asking what Warm Showers is. And then there was another question coming from my own personal Facebook account from an old co-worker of mine asking about Couchsurfing and it’s legitimacy. Since we will be using some of these services on our Trans-Euro trip, I […]

How to Find Bike Touring Accommodations