Kacey Messier

About Kacey Messier

My name is Kacey and I am a cyclist and cycling advocate. In 2010 while pursuing a degree in Political Science at Virginia State University, I stumbled upon a simple solution to many of life's problems that was so simple yet ever so complex. That solution is the bicycle. Ever since discovering how important bicycling is to our health, the environment and the economy I have been working towards making places more bike friendly. I have done work in Colonial Heights, Virginia, in Eugene and Portland, Oregon while pursuing a Graduate Certificate in the Oregon Leadership in Sustainability program at the University of Oregon and in Los Angeles, California where I work as the Policy and Planning Intern for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and lead monthly bike rides with C.I.C.L.E.. I took the leap to selling my own car in November of 2012 and now use a bicycle as my main form of transportation along with public transit. I cannot imagine going back to my life the way it was before. Bicycling is key to my life, liberty and the pursuit of my happiness. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @KCyclivist