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My name is Johnny Lam, and I am the writer behind Milestone Rides. In 2013, I decided I needed to prioritize my life to include more bicycle touring and travel. The catalyst for this change was the passing of my father in 2012. I was depressed and through multiple visits to my therapists, I realized that while I lived a life that appeared to be going as planned, I wasn’t living a genuine life.

In 2014, I quit my job at Sony Pictures and went on my first epic bicycle tour down the Pacific Coast. After returning from that trip, I decided to sell my house by the end of the year.

It happened real quick!

I sold and gave away almost all of my possessions and moved back home to be with my mom. Without having to worry about a mortgage and other big bills, I was free to redefine my happiness.


Since then, I’ve been invited to ride across Europe in 2015 (the flight was free) and visited over 10 countries [link to blog]. I’ve led several bicycle tours with Adventure Cycling Association, which gave me opportunities to see many new places in the US. I’ve recently traveled across the country again in 2017 along the Southern Tier route from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL. In fact, the last time I counted, there will only be 13 states left for me to visit by the end of 2017!

To satisfy my wanderlust when I am in Los Angeles, I started a bike touring MeetUp group which helps local folks go on their first overnight bike tours every month since 2015. I no longer am in charge of this group, but the folks who remain are doing a fantastic job in keeping the adventure going!

Johnny in Woonsocket, RI


Another passion of mine is teaching bike safety. I’ve simultaneously obtained my LCI (League Certified Instructor – LCI #4294) from the nationally recognized League of American Bicyclist. This allowed me to become a Level 3 (SCI #009) School Cycling Instructor from Yes!Sports, so I can also train teachers for schools who are looking to expand their curriculum to include any form of cycling.


In 2016, I started my YouTube channel which has since grown past 2000 subscribers as of this writing. On my channel, I review various bicycle touring related products, provide tips and tricks for those who are interested in bicycle touring to make their lives easier, and document various trips. I even daily blogged my cross country ride in 2017 which was a big hit with my viewers! Check out my channel and hit that subscribe button for more up-to-date video content.

How Can I Help?

Are you looking for some inspiration to go on your first bicycle tour? Do you need help planning your tours? How about a person to bounce off ideas about gear and tours? I would love to help you, so go ahead and reach out to me with your questions.

You can find me all over social media, but you can also filter out all that noise and sign up with my newsletter where I will send you highlights from this blog. I can’t say I have everything figured out, but you may want to be part of this ongoing journey, aka my life.

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