What is a Milestone Ride?

Once upon a time, you were meandering through a quiet 2 lane highway, and all of a sudden, you see a strange vehicle on the road. It resembles that of a bicycle, but you’re not sure as the shape is not of a human on top of skinny tubes, but rather a human on a bulging object.

You take a closer look and see that it is a smiling cyclist spinning to her heart’s content. Hanging off her bike are what appear to be bags. You find out from her at the next gas station that she is a bicycle tourist and she is riding to some place unimaginably far for a car, but impossible for a bicycle (so you thought at the time).

You go home and jump on the Internet and to find out more about this. Lo’ and behold there are tons and tons of images, articles, and other “crazy guys” doing this bicycle touring thing.

After a few hours of reading and looking at images, it hits you.

You want to do this

The problem is you don’t know where to start. That is where Milestone Rides comes in. We will provide you with information about bicycle touring, gear reviews, and most importantly, inspiration for you to start planning your own milestone rides.

Whether you are starting from the beginning with a 1 mile ride to your 10,000 miles around the world, we want to be your main bicycle touring resource.

How can we help?

You simply get FREE content from Milestone Rides. Nothing more, nothing less

  • Gear reviews and insights to what we recommend and use on our bike tours
  • Interesting ride reports from our trips
  • Engaging videos to highlight bike tours and other common bicycle-related information
  • Current industry news and issues
  • Interviews with other bicycle tourists who have completed tours around the world

The best way to stay on top of everything is to:

About Johnny Lam

Johnny in Woonsocket, RI

Hello there. My name is Johnny Lam, the main contributor to the content of this site. You may have already seen my face prominently displayed throughout this site. I am your resident bicycle touring expert and enthusiast. I am currently based out of sunny Los Angeles, California.

I have traveled up and down the Pacific Coast between Vancouver, Canada and the Mexican border. I have bike toured from LA to Ojai, Santa Ynez Valley, San Diego, and Joshua Tree several times. I even toured through the New England area in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I have plans to ride across the country in a few years, but in the mean-time, I enjoy writing and sharing everything bicycle touring related.

I have completed training for Adventure Cycling Association’s Leadership Training Course (LTC), so you may find me helping on tours for Adventure Cycling throughout the country. I am also a League of American Bicyclist League Certified Instructor (LCI #4294). As an LCI, I teach bicycle safety to both adults and kids in my city. In order to enjoy a bicycle tour, you want to make sure your environment is safe for all who use it. That is why I volunteer for my local bicycle advocacy groups, such as the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange (C.I.C.L.E.), and Bike San Gabriel Valley (BikeSGV). Read my post about why I volunteer and so should you. I also spend time over at the local bike co-op, the Bike Oven.

What can I help you with?

The hardest part of going on a bicycle tour is actually making the decision to go on one. That is why I created this blog – to help answer any questions you may have and bring inspiration to you to finally book and go on your bicycle tours.

For those that need someone to give you that extra push, I am here for you. I can guide you through your touring bicycle purchases, along with your touring gears. I will help you figure out your destination and your route. I will even help you put your waypoints in your GPS or give you turn-by-turn route slips for your trip. I will help figure out where you will stay each night.

Do you want to write a blog on the road, but don’t want to lug a laptop and worry about WiFi connectivity? No problem. Just send me your updates via email with attached pictures and we’ll take care of that for you. You don’t have time to check comments on your blogs? We can monitor your comments and email you the dialogue, so you can reply to your email, and we’ll do the responding for you.

You will stay connected with your Internet world even though you might be exploring the real world. I want to make sure you enjoy your milestone ride with as little worry as possible.

To get started, please email contact@milestonerides.com.

Touring Bike
Me & My Vaya

Other Services

I also offer the following services:

  • Consultant for your own bicycle touring blog
  • Social media strategist for bicycle touring operators
  • Ride reporter for your bicycle event tours or community ride
  • Guest writer for your own website
  • Gear reviewer of your product
  • Photographer for your ride events
  • Traffic skills teacher
  • Ride marshal on your group rides
  • Motivational speaker for those who are looking for an alternative lifestyle or career

Email contact@milestonerides.com to inquire about my services.

Take care and see you out on a ride,

 Johnny Lam Signature

Johnny Lam