Cross Country Road Trip!

Cross Country Road Trip!

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Roads Trips Are Dangerous

With all the riding I’ve been doing the past few years, you would think that I’ve gone on several road trips in my days. But the truth is that I have not ventured out on the road with my 4 wheeled combustible counterparts.


First of all, it is risky!

I know I just rode my bike across the country which seems like a much riskier ordeal than driving a car. The way I see it, I’m not a mechanic and I am not competent enough to work on cars in the event that it breaks down. On the other hand, you give me a bicycle, I’ll be able to MacGyver something together.

Roads Trips Are Expensive

In a traditional road trip, the cost for just gas and hotels are well over $1000+ for a week-long drive if you’re driving a fuel-efficient car. Don’t forget to include all the times you have to get food to eat at restaurants or snacks from a gas station to help fuel yourself for hours of sedentary monotony.

The cost of your trip can add up really quick!

Naturally, when I had to go to Burlington, Vermont for an Adventure Cycling trip, I wanted to do it in my little Honda Fit.

Why I NEEDED A Road Trip

I needed to get out on my own and try this for myself. To say that I drove across the country (and eventually back) is a right of passage that every adult should do in their lifetime.

Who am I to deny myself of this adventure?

Of course, throwing caution to the wind is not my style. There were 5 factors that gave me confidence that everything was going to be okay.

  1. The driving I did for Adventure Cycling delivering their vans across the country, gave me on road the experience and practice.
  2. My Honda Fit is a very reliable car with spacious cargo room.
  3. A travel stipend was given to me to pay for most of the fuel costs from Adventure Cycling.
  4. Eating cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and cooking on a single burner stove for dinner isn’t any different than eating while on a bike tour.
  5. Car camping seemed exciting! It’s like having a hard-shelled tent with you all the time.


My Route Summary

The car was packed with my Salsa Vaya and all the gear I needed on the road and in Vermont, I left Los Angeles September 17th.

  • Drove pass Las Vegas, Nevada to St. George, Utah the first day.
  • The second day, I left Utah and made it all the way into Nebraska.
  • The third day, I made it into Des Moine, Iowa region to pay for my first campsite.
  • The fourth day, I was in Chicago, Illinois eating deep dish pizza
  • I then spent time in Sandusky, Ohio on the fifth day.
  • A visit to the “Cleveland” sign the next morning was necessary for the sixth day.
  • After a night in an Airstream at my friend’s driveway in Ithaca, New York, I drove my final day to Burlington, Vermont.

My car setup will be revealed in another future video/post so stay tuned for that.

Deep Dish Pizza Time

Have You Road Tripped?

Enough about me, how about you? Have you gone on your own road trip back in the days or maybe even recently? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

The ultimate goal for me is to be part of #vanlife and be able to travel, explore, and work at various places in the country in a cargo van.

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