2014 Pacific Coast (Vancouver to San Francisco) (Video)

2014 Pacific Coast (Vancouver to San Francisco) (Video)

2 Years Ago

In 2014, I went on my first multi-week, self-supported bicycle tour with my brother-in-law, Sang Hyun. Our trip was documented in writing and in photos previously.

We also had video footage as well. While we archived all of our raw video files into a NAS server a couple of weeks ago, we came across video files from our trip. This was way before we had any experience in shooting videos.

The Equipment

Sang Hyun had a Kodak camera, which was waterproof, and shot in high-definition. To give you an idea of how old this technology was, Kodak no longer sells this camera. It was very similar to the Flip cameras that they use to sell before smartphones were introduced. I had a GoPro 2 mounted on my left handlebar end.

Lack of Filming

We had plenty of footage at the beginning of the trip, but the frequency to film quickly faded as we got closer to the end of our journey. As a result, we didn’t have enough footage to document every single day.

It was the first time we tried to take photos and videos of a big trip like this. We learned the hard way that you can only effectively document with one form of media at a time. That was why there were more photos than videos from our trip.


The video starts you off at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and takes you on several days of riding in the rain within Canada’s sunshine coast. It then skims over across Washington, Oregon, and California as we introduce you to our friends on the road.

For those who are thinking about riding a similar trip, feel free to reach out to me with any questions. The video should be helpful in providing you with a general idea of what you might see.

Feel free to share with others who are thinking about doing a similar trip.

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