2014 Pacific Coast Trip In Review

2014 Pacific Coast Trip In Review


We’ve had a whole month to process and relive our adventure by telling stories to friends and family.  Here are some questions that both Sang Hyun and I decided to answer independently about our trip.

Q & A

Saltery Bay Campsite

Favorite Campsite:

Sang Hyun (SH): Saltery Bay, BC

Johnny (J): Burlington, CA

Our campsite in Pacific City, Oregon

Woods Campgrounds in Pacific City, Oregon

Least Favorite Campsite:

SH: Woods County Campground, OR

J: Woods County Campground, OR

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Favorite Gear:

SH: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit (Read our recent review of the solar kit)

J: Sony NEX-7 Camera

Thermarest pillow

Despised Gear:

SH: Big Agnes sleeping pad

J: Thermarest pillow


Wished we had:

SH: Fly Fishing Rod

J: Extra battery pack

Hanging out at the Eel River

Hanging out at the Eel River

Favorite town we passed:

SH: Saltery Bay, BC

J: Ferndale, CA

Sang, Johnny, Yves, Portlan, & Roberto

Sang, Johnny, Yves, Portlan, & Roberto

Favorite Parts of the Trip:

SH: My favorite moments of the trip comes to me in bits at a time. If I see, hear, smell, certain cues, I get a rush of memories from the trip. But I do think the best part was meeting all the different individuals as rode down PC.

J: Meeting all the new people who were traveling with us. From Victoria & Evadne to Portlan, Roberto, Nick, Jen, Kris, Kyle, Dave, Yves, and Linda.

Haystack Rock

What would you do differently?:

SH: I do regret not getting more video footage of the ride. Also, I’d want to use a better camera to capture the moments.

J: Ride the Washington coast and visit Seattle and Portland. I would spend more time exploring the towns that looked fascinating, like Ferndale.


Favorite meal:

SH: Ground beef with Rice-a-Roni and mixed veggie.

J: All Asian foods. We didn’t have too much.  Also, ice cream from anywhere.


Would you do this again?:

SH: Yes

J: Yes

Riding into the fog

Riding into the fog

Additional things to add:

SH: Thinking back, I wish I would have explored a little bit more around our camp areas and down the coast. Sometimes I felt like I was just riding from point A to point B. Next time, I hope we can slow down a little bit and enjoy the ride.

J: None.

Anything else?

Hope you enjoyed the qualitative overview of our trip.  Are there any other questions you want us to answer? Comment below and we will include them on here with the answer from both Sang Hyun and I.

Riding out of Saltry Bay

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