(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 7 – Final

(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 7 – Final

Our final video from our March 1, 2014 Bike Touring 101 presentation at Stan’s Bike Shop in Monrovia, California.  If you haven’t seen the previous videos, check them out here.

Q & A

This is probably my favorite video as we field questions from the audience.  The reason why both Errin and I wanted to do Bike Touring 101 was to share our love and passion with people who are curious about going on their own bicycling adventure.  We hope that this continues to spark interest in our audience and viewers and make you realize that you don’t have to have the best things to start your journey.  You don’t need to go far.  A quick overnight trip for newbies would be perfect just to get your feet wet.  The take away is that you should just get out there and do it.

Thank You

I would like to thank Errin Vasquez for getting this setup and connecting with myself and Carlos Morales, the owner of Stan’s Bike Shop.  Carlos for letting us present at his shop and allowing us to film the presentation.  Kacey Messier who helped with some social network promotions, shooting the video for me while I presented, and her guest blog post.  A big thank you to my brother-in-law, Sang Hyun de Krieger, who helped edit these 7 videos down from a 3 hour presentation.  My sister, Marie de Krieger, who came to show her support.  Adventure Cycling Association for providing us materials to pass out to our audience. Last but not least, all the attendees who came out despite the thunder-storm and pouring rain just to hear what we had to say.

I hope you enjoyed our video series and follow us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email list.  Let us know what you thought and what would help us the next time.

Can’t get enough? Click here to watch 2015’s Bike Touring 101 presentation.

Our Audience

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