(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 3

(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 3

On March 1, 2014, I was given the opportunity with Errin Vasquez to present Bike Touring 101 at Stan’s Bike Shop in Monrovia, California.  This is the third video from the presentation.  Please check out the other two videos here:

In this video, I am given the opportunity to talk about my packing philosophy for a traditional bike touring setting with 4 panniers bags on my Salsa Vaya.  I mentioned that I organize each bag to be like bedrooms in a house where I’ll have one bag for my kitchen things, one bag for bedroom, one for the garage, and the final one is for my living room.  I also talked about over packing in my earlier tours with my Xtracycle long tail bike.  I was carrying way too much things on tours when I did not need to.

What’s Next?

In the next videos, we will be getting into the things that we both carry on our tours as both Errin and I will reveal what we might be hauling on our own respective bike touring and bike packing trips.  Stay tuned as we try to wrap up the videos from our Bike Touring 101 video series.


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