(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 1

(Video) Bike Touring 101 – Part 1

Here is our first video from our Saturday presentation at Stan’s Bike Shop in Monrovia.  This video goes through the introduction of both Errin Vasquez and myself.  The presentation started in the back room of the bike shop during a very intense rain storm at the time.  We’ve tried to edit out the sound of the rain falling on the ceiling so hopefully you can make out what we are saying.  I noticed I move a lot when I’m standing around and I like talking with my arms.

Errin and Johnny

First of Many

Anyway, enjoy the first of several videos to come.  We’re trying to keep them short so you don’t have to sit through hours and hours of the presentation.  I’d like to thank Sang-Hyun for editing these videos for us.  Please feel free to share this video out to friends who are interested or might be interested in bicycle touring or bike packing.  If you attended, let us know what you think.  We would love to hear feedback.

Event Flyer

Bike Touring 101 Flyer

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