(Video) Death Valley Trip

(Video) Death Valley Trip

Mesquite Dunes

Johnny walking through the Mesquite Dunes

We hope you enjoyed the previous Death Valley Trailer enough to come back and watch our the full video which covered 2.1 day of our trip.  Pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy our video which documents the events from November 28th evening to the end of November 30th.

We have monologues from both Sang Hyun and I.  We also have downhill clips from a 1st and 3rd person’s perspective.  We have a time-lapse video of us setting up camp, and a beautiful sunrise captured in the nick of time.

Here are the places that was featured in the order that they were shown.

Please let us know what you think.  I know there are plenty of things we can improve on being that this is the first video shoot I’ve ever done.

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