Warm Showers

Camping at night 6
During my recent Bike Touring 101 presentation, there was a question asking what Warm Showers is. And then there was another question coming from my own personal Facebook account from an old co-worker of mine asking about Couchsurfing and it’s legitimacy. Since we will be using some of these services on our Trans-Euro trip, I more »

How to Find Bike Touring Accommodations

Euro Velo Map of France 4
I received a huge response on January 1st when I revealed that I will be taking a three-month bicycle tour across Europe. Some of you wanted to know my plans and itinerary, so here is the first of many weekly updates to keep you informed. Before I jump into the plan, I want to let more »

Update 1: Trans-Europe 2015 – 9 Weeks Away

Many people go on bicycle tours on their own. It’s an added accolade that you rode your bike in challenging conditions, faced obstacles after obstacles, and on top of all that – you did it alone! Impressive indeed. For many, including myself, I enjoy traveling with people. I traveled solo once last Christmas but I normally more »

10 Ways to Find Bicycle Touring Companions

Sang Hyun at the Otter Crest Loop 2
  Believe it or not, bike touring can be an expensive endeavor. My bike tour down the Pacific Coast in July costed about $1269 for a month-long excursion (see my previous post, “A Pacific Coast Bike Tour By the Numbers”). Considering that we were on the road for over 30 days, a $40 a day more »

How to Bicycle Tour Affordably

Vlog 4: Sunrise to Sunset 2
In this fourth vlog video, I show you where we stayed the night in Providence at our gracious Warm Showers hosts’ house. They opened their place to all 8 of us and offered us food and their bathroom for showers in exchange for all our collective travel stories. We moved on and traveled the state more »

Vlog 4: Sunrise to Sunset

Vlog 2: Worcester not Worchester 2
To follow-up to my inaugural vlog post on Wednesday, I give you the second episode. In this video, my friend Evadne and I ride out from the Boston area towards the middle of Massachusetts to a small town called Worcester (pronounced “wooster”). We were treated to beautiful fall foliage and a flock of wild turkeys more »

Vlog 2: Worcester not Worchester

Fall Foliage 1
Many people out there live and grow up in the same town that they were born in and never have the intention to leave this town. They are perfectly fine where they are and would not change it for any reason. I completely respect that and accept this different perspective. However, I’d like anybody who more »

3 Reasons Why a Different Perspective Is Needed in Life

Johnny & Sang Hyun at the Golden Gate Bridge
This is it.  The final post of our trip.  With only about 25 miles to ride, we finally arrive to our destination in San Francisco where I started by Pacific Coast journey in 2010 and Sang Hyun did his in 2011.  We did snag into a snafu while rolling into the city so check out more »

Day 32: Pacific Coast, Check! (San Rafael to San Francisco)