Many people go on bicycle tours on their own. It’s an added accolade that you rode your bike in challenging conditions, faced obstacles after obstacles, and on top of all that – you did it alone! Impressive indeed. For many, including myself, I enjoy traveling with people. I traveled solo once last Christmas but I normally […]

10 Ways to Find Bicycle Touring Companions

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News & Blog BLOG: A great blog post on the All Things EPIC blog which sarcastically explains why one should not date a girl who bikepacks.  My initial assumption was that this blog was written from a male’s point of view but upon further review I was surprise to confirm that the blogger is female with […]

2014 – Week 7 – Internet Round Up

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Technological advances brought us 2 really important things: the Internet and mobile phones.  With these two things, it is possible to stay connected wherever you have cell reception and perhaps even try to automate a little bit of your life.  One website is doing just that. stands for “If This Then That”, which allows you […]

7 Automated Internet Tasks for Cyclists (Using IFTTT)

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Happy Day!  We are officially on the interwebs!  Actually, we’ve been here for a while, just watching and waiting…no…not like a stalker, but we wanted to make sure everything is in its right place. Logo & color scheme – Check! Facebook page – Check! Twitter page – Check! YouTube! channel – Check! Vimeo page – […]

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