San Francisco

Johnny & Sang Hyun at the Golden Gate Bridge
This is it.  The final post of our trip.  With only about 25 miles to ride, we finally arrive to our destination in San Francisco where I started by Pacific Coast journey in 2010 and Sang Hyun did his in 2011.  We did snag into a snafu while rolling into the city so check out more »

Day 32: Pacific Coast, Check! (San Rafael to San Francisco)

Welcome to USA Sign 2
  When I started this blog, picking the name with the word “milestone” was something I thought about deeply and intentionally.  At that point in time, we had not toured very much.  Heck! Even up to this point, we really have not toured as much as some other people out there.  That is why calling more »

A First of Many Bike Touring Milestones

News Chino Hills to Joshua Tree Flickr Album – Relive our Joshua Tree bike tour adventure through our Flickr photo album.  There are several gems there that you may not have seen yet. 4th Annual Gear Guide: Cargo Bikes – Check out this cool cargo bike gear guide from Momentum Mag.  6 interesting cargo bike model more »

2014 – Week 25 – Internet Round Up

Stop-by-stop map 14
Ever since we purchased our one-way tickets from Los Angeles International Airport to Vancouver last week, this trip took a giant step closer to actually happening.  There’s no turning back since the only way back will be on our bicycles, rolling down through British Columbia, Washington, and the Oregon coast.  Sang Hyun and I have more »

Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA Itinerary

News 6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever – Fascinating look at 6 freeway removals that changed their cities forever!  Gizmodo shows us the before and after effect when a city decides to remove its freeway.  The results across the board is a richer community experience.  Examples from South Korea to Madrid as well more »

2014 – Week 14 & 15 – Internet Round Up

News Bike Touring Seminar Videos – Our friend Erin Vasquez, blogs about the Bike Touring 101 videos on his blog. He posted up 6 of the 7 videos available at the time. Be sure to check out video 7 as we go through Q & A with our audience. Click here to see the more »

2014 – Week 13 – Internet Round Up

Northern California Map
A package came in the mail this week that has rekindled the bicycle touring itch in me.  The content of the package was the entire series of the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier route across the United States.  In addition to these maps, there was a single map for the 3rd section of the Pacific more »

Finishing the California Coast