Johnny & Sang Hyun at the Golden Gate Bridge
2014 Pacific Coast (Vancouver to San Francisco) 2014 Pacific Coast (Vancouver to San Francisco) – 8:43 2 Years Ago In 2014, I went on my first multi-week, self-supported bicycle tour with my brother-in-law, Sang Hyun. Our trip was documented in writing and in photos previously. We also had video footage as well. While we archived all of […]

2014 Pacific Coast (Vancouver to San Francisco) (Video)

This last week was such a blur. What felt like a long time during the ride crept up on us so fast that it is a bit humbling to process the thoughts right now. As you may have read from my previous post, I am in the second week of August and I am trying […]

Trans Am Week 5 (LAST WEEK): Prairie City, OR to ...

Thumbs up for hammock
EDIT 8/10/2016: This should have been published 2 weeks ago but I’m finally having the chance to do so now so here it is in it’s original form when I started writing back at the end of July 24th.  I can’t believe it has already been 1 months on the road but here I am, riding […]

Trans Am Week 4: Syringa, ID to Baker City, OR

Ride Report: One Day Out of Eighteen - Pacific Coast North 8
I have written and rewritten this post several times in the past few days and have struggled to complete it. Initially, I was going to just give you a day-by-day recount of my second Adventure Cycling Association tour that I co-led down the Pacific Coast from Bellingham, Washington to Eugene, Oregon. Day 7 was where […]

Ride Report: One Day Out of Eighteen – Pacific Coast ...

The plan for today was simple. We wake up to a beautiful sunny day and ride 48 miles south to our camp in Harris Beach State Park, Oregon. At camp, we all talked about meeting there and the only thing we focused on is the big climb that marks the half-way point to our destination. What we didn’t […]

Day 22: The Great Hill That Was More (Humbug State ...

When I was looking at our route for today the night before, I couldn’t help but noticed the coincidental naming of some of the roads and cities that we were going to be travel on or traveling through. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but we could not run away from something negative happening. See […]

Day 21: Bad Omens (Sunset Bay SP to Humbug Mountain ...

This day was a bit of randomness as we break our riding squad of 4 in half.  1 group taking on an 85 mile stretch through 1500 feet of climbing to the city of Portland, OR, while the other group continues south towards Pacific Beach.  We were the latter group who are choosing to continue […]

Day 16: Randomness (Idaville to Pacific City)

Astoria Bridge
Having a day off was certainly nice. Even though we both enjoyed our time at the KOA, we had to pack everything up and see the rest of the Pacific Coast as planned.  We piled on the miles and even made our way over Astoria Bridge, the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington, which stretch […]

Day 14: Fancy Seeing You Here (Bay Center, WA to ...