North Face

What I'm Bringing 2
Just writing that title is making me feel uneasy. I can’t believe in about 2 weeks I will be in Europe and ready for my trip. Thankfully I have been doing things the past few weeks to prepare for it. So now it’s time to let you all know what has been done. What I am […]

Update 9: Trans-Europe 2015 – 2 Weeks Away

Gear Review: Thermoball Jacket 2
It is rare these days that you go somewhere and not see people wearing these ultra popular puffy jackets. I am talking about these lightweight and packable jackets from companies, like North Face, Patagonia, and many others. Outdoor Labs released a thorough review of these insulated jackets that’s worth taking a look at. But first, […]

Gear Review: The North Face Thermoball Jacket