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Bike Touring With Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner 2
When bike tourists think about their next trip, it is most certain that planning would involve having to either take a plane or even a train. My preference is to take the train to get to my starting point or come home from my destinations. Taking the train has so many up sides compared to […]

Bike Touring with Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner

2015 ESBC Holiday Ride
For the second year in a row, I participated in this holiday ride around downtown Los Angeles. Beautiful decorations were admired. Hotdogs wrapped in bacon were indulged. Our festive group roamed the streets of Los Angeles with glee and excitement. The Eastside Bicycle Club (ESBC) has been doing this for 7 years so far and I intend to continue […]

2015 ESBC Holiday Ride (Video)

Vlog 15: CicLAvia South LA
In Los Angeles we are fortunate to have good weather and CicLAvia. Combined the two with a part of LA that people have rarely ridden through, you have the best CicLAvia of the year.  I was able to capture my perspective by helping a feeder ride from John Adams Middle school. We had the opportunity to ride the […]

Vlog 15: CicLAvia South LA

Vlog 13: SoCal Adventures 2
In this week’s vlog episode, I go on 3 different bike rides in the past 2 weeks and brought my camera with me. First trip is me riding down the Ballona Creek to Marina Del Rey on November 19, 2014. Second ride was an off-road excursion up and down the Verdugos Mountain with Evadne and […]

Vlog 13: SoCal Adventures

News Car-Centric Salt Lake City Explores Alternatives – Salt Lake City, Utah is poised to build supporting infrastructure like expanding their light rail, TRAX and improve bicycling paths.  As their population grows and people are moving near the core of their city, these opportunities are ripe to be implemented to help support the city so that they […]

2014 – Week 24 – Internet Round Up

News How Bicycles Bring Business – Great piece from, you guest it, Momentum Mag about how bicycles bring business.  They go over several examples in cities across the country like Memphis, New York City, San Diego, etc. who are cashing on the bicycling boom. There is a potential of $6 Billion to $133 Billion of […]

2014 – Week 18 – Internet Round Up

View of Los Angeles 2
As I sat at home fresh off of my Christmas S24O ride, I noticed my social network blowing up with updates from a few people.  Errin Vasquez of FrontageRoads.com who started the Festive 500, a biking event from 12/24/13 to 12/31/13 in which participants attempted to record 500 km during this time period, teamed up […]

Exploring the Verdugos with The Path Less Pedaled