Bern Allston Helmet 1
On August 17, 2014, I attended an event hosted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) called, “Hot August Bike” at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Amongst the many vendors there, the helmet company Bern Unlimited had their West Coast representative, Cecilio, present. I struck up a conversation with him and told him about Milestone […]

Product Review: Bern Allston Helmet

News A Foldable Bike Helmet You’ll Just Happen to Have in Your Bag – This is a neat idea! A portable helmet. This helmet was crowd-sourced and developed by Jeff Woolf who saw that many Europeans forgo wearing a helmet because they did not like carrying it around because of its bulkiness.  As expected, the […]

2014 – Week 20 – Internet Round Up

News Kentucky bicyclist charged with reckless driving – My initial reaction was a big at-a-girl for being courageous in her efforts to bring awareness of bicyclists in the Kentucky area but upon looking at her route to work, she clearly has a wide shoulder to ride on but chooses to be on the right lane.  I […]

2014 – Week 19 – Internet Round Up

News Your First Overseas Bike Tour: A How-To Guide – Something we’ll need in the future when we go on our first overseas bike tour.  This general overview goes over how to go on your first oversea tours either with a tour company, on your own, or with a self-guided tour option.  It dives into […]

2014 – Week 16 – Internet Round Up