Europe 2015

Bikes resting 3
Liubcova (June 13, 2015) Harry and I got up to have breakfast as promised by the guest house owner at 6:30. We were ready to roll by 7. Our hostess wheeled out our bikes for us to avoid any confrontation with her aggressive guard dog, Sammy. It wasn’t even 50 meters when our first dog […]

Trans Europe Trip: Week 11 (Liubcova, Romania to Madrid, Spain)   Recently updated !

Donau from Romania 1
Osijek, Croatia (June 6, 2015) We had an early jump this morning waking up at 5:30 again to beat the heat. We were packed up, had breakfast in the backyard of the pension, and left the place by 7AM. Our route out-of-town didn’t follow the Euro Velo 6 as our map had a on-road detour […]

Trans Europe Trip: Week 10 (Osijek, Croatia to Divici, Romania)   Recently updated !

Budapest Royal Palace 1
Komarom (May 30, 2015) While putting away my tent away in the morning, I found that hidden areas around the tent was covered with bugs that I referred to as earwigs. They even got between my pannier creases. That slowed my packing process as I had to shake them off. A couple ended up in […]

Trans Europe Trip: Week 9 (Komarom, Hungary to Mohacs, Hungary)   Recently updated !

Riding in Austria
Mauthausen (May 23, 2015) The familiar sound of rain woke us up in the morning. This time, not as bad as the last time. It was pretty much sprinkling through-out the night and morning before it stopped long enough for us to pack up and move forward on our ride. We found our way back […]

Trans Europe Trip: Week 8 (Mauthausen, Austria to Gyor, Hungary)   Recently updated !

St. Stephen's Cathedral
Ingolstadt (May 16 -17, 2015) Our stay in Donauworth was pretty noisy at night. I remember still hearing the kids still playing outside well after 11PM. Harry confirmed this as well. Luckily I had my earplugs on so I was somewhat oblivious to their screams and laughter. As with most nights, the dew from the […]

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