Salsa Vaya 10K Mile Review 10
This post is long overdue as it should have been published in July or August. Because I haven’t really been too vigilant in tracking my mileage on my 2013 Salsa Vaya 3 this year, the 10,000 miles milestone wasn’t apparent until I started looking at my miles in November. I had a feeling I was […]

2013 Salsa Vaya 3 – 10,000 Mile Review

Gear Review: Selle Anatomica Saddle 20
“You got a Brooks?” “Nope, it’s a Selle Anatomica.” “Didn’t they buy Brooks?” “Nope, Selle Italia bought Brooks.” “Isn’t that the same company?” “Nope.” For a saddle that has a huge underground following, the Selle Anatomica is a very confusing brand when I first revealed it to my cycling friends. This would be my latest […]

Gear Review: Selle Anatomica Saddle

Germany - Austria - Slovakia
We picked up where we left off from last week at Regensburg, Germany and make our way through Austria. The highlight of this leg of the trip takes us through the cities of Linz and Vienna and find ourselves in Bratislava, Slovakia. We cover about +290 more miles of our trip as we make our way […]

Update 6: Trans-Europe 2015 – 4 Weeks Away