Avenue of the Giants

Sang Hyun through the Shrine Tree
With only about 4 days left to get to San Francisco, I am a bit overwhelmed with a bit of sadness. Sadness not just because the trip is coming to an end but many of the places we visited today reminded me of a road trip I took with my sister and ex-girlfriend 7 years […]

Day 27: Sadness (Burlington Campgrounds to Standish Hickey Campgrounds)

Hanging out at the Eel River
The goal for today was to be on the Avenue of the Giants before sunset to give us extra time to explore for a bit. What we got for the day was the best riding day so far. We passed great little towns, ate really good food, was given great terrain, and the majority of the […]

Day 25: Best Day (Eureka KOA to Burlington Campgrounds)

Stop-by-stop map 14
Ever since we purchased our one-way tickets from Los Angeles International Airport to Vancouver last week, this trip took a giant step closer to actually happening.  There’s no turning back since the only way back will be on our bicycles, rolling down through British Columbia, Washington, and the Oregon coast.  Sang Hyun and I have […]

Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA Itinerary