Hanging out at the Eel River
The goal for today was to be on the Avenue of the Giants before sunset to give us extra time to explore for a bit. What we got for the day was the best riding day so far. We passed great little towns, ate really good food, was given great terrain, and the majority of the […]

Day 25: Best Day (Eureka KOA to Burlington Campgrounds)

We were joined by Portlan on today’s ride from Elk Prairie campgrounds down to the Eureka KOA. Portlan normally leaves earlier than any of us to get into camp first. He had been successful a few times this week and thought he was ready to ride with us into our next destination. He did a […]

Day 24: Traveling by Three (Elk Prairie State Park to ...

Made it to California
The major highlight for today was we finally made it back to our home state of California after being gone since June 25th. It’s amazing to even think about where we’ve pedaled and where we’ve stayed, as well as what we’ve gone through for the last 3 weeks. Even though we made it back to […]

Day 23: Good Bye, Oregon. Hello, California (Harris Beach State ...

The plan for today was simple. We wake up to a beautiful sunny day and ride 48 miles south to our camp in Harris Beach State Park, Oregon. At camp, we all talked about meeting there and the only thing we focused on is the big climb that marks the half-way point to our destination. What we didn’t […]

Day 22: The Great Hill That Was More (Humbug State ...

When I was looking at our route for today the night before, I couldn’t help but noticed the coincidental naming of some of the roads and cities that we were going to be travel on or traveling through. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but we could not run away from something negative happening. See […]

Day 21: Bad Omens (Sunset Bay SP to Humbug Mountain ...

Foggy view from Cape Perpetua
As we approached our third rest day for our trip, we found ourselves leaving a campsite on the beach for the comfort of a motel room and soft bed. The miles were short, but the scenery was amazing as we climbed and descended countless hills. We even got to see some wild life, like sea […]

Day 18: Ride to Comfort (Beachside SP to Florence)