Tips for bicycle touring.

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I hope you had some time to process Part 1 of this blog series on bicycling nutrition, specifically for those who go on bicycle trips. So much information from my friend and certified Holistic Nutritionist, Harvey Slater. If you haven’t read it, click on the link above and have a look. The second part will go […]

Bicycling Nutrition – Rethinking Your Fuel on a Long Trip ...   Recently updated !

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Introducing Harvey Slater I met Harvey when we were both introduced by a mutual friend in the Los Angeles bicycling community. He was planning a trip from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo and was needing help planning it. Naturally, I reached out to him to give him a few pointers here and there and […]

Bicycling Nutrition – Rethinking Your Fuel on a Long Trip ...   Recently updated !

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Since we’re still on the topic of food in the last couple of posts, let me get into the good stuff: snacks! These are my favorite things to pick up while I am on a ride or even stock up on before I hit the road. 1. Ice Cream Ask any bicycle tourists, and I’ll […]

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If you are an active individual and have done any type of long distant training, whether it is for a bike tour, race, or even running, you may have heard of the term “bonking.”  This is what some runners refer to as “hitting the wall.” Bonking is certainly something you don’t want to experience when […]

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