Various events and trade shows that we attend.

Interbike 2016 5
** EDIT 10/18/16: NSR Riding is a Korean company and not a Chinese company as I previously published. It has been 2 years since I’ve been back to an Interbike Show, and all the excitement from the first one seemed subsided in this year’s convention. The general buzz and the sheer amount of people walking the more »

Interbike 2016

Europe Trip Part 3
Here is the conclusion to my presentation on May 7, 2016 at Stan’s Bike Shop in Monrovia. This final sequence of the video wraps up all the interesting nuances of the trip and opens things up for a Q&A session. A huge thanks to Carlos Morales, the owner of Stan’s, for asking me to participate more »

Europe by Bicycle Presentation (Part 3 of 3)

Bike Touring 101 Q&A 1
Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2 The last of the series of Bike Touring 101 from January 17, 2015 presentation at Stan’s Bike Shop. This video is very long but informative as both Monica and I fielded questions about bike touring. Yes, the audio is bad but I tried to at least sub-titled the questions. What more »

(Video) Bike Touring 101: Types of Bike Tours – Q ...

Bike Touring 101 Pt 2 1
Watch Part 1 Here is the conclusion to our Bike Touring 101 presentation from January 17, 2015. We wrap up the charity ride portion, discuss Inn-to-Inn, and Self-Supported bicycle touring types. I realize the audio was not perfect as my microphone was getting static so I had to clean that out which caused some parts of more »

(Video) Bike Touring 101: Types of Bike Tours – Part ...

Here is the first video from my Bike Touring 101 presentation on Saturday, January 17, 2015. This video is a little over 7 minutes and covers our introductions, the 3 types of bicycle tours, and we also go over the 3 kinds of supported tours. 20 people showed up and participated in our conversation. Thanks to those who came and more »

(Video) Bike Touring 101: Types of Bike Tours – Part ...

Bike Share 2
  This is the second part of a two-part event write-up from the 2014 National Bicycle Tourism Conference. The first part can be found by clicking here. Both articles cover the 4 day events that happened on November 5th to 8th. Day 3 – Conference Closing Friday morning was kicked off with a breakfast buffet, more »

2014 National Bicycle Tourism Conference (Part 2 of 2)