Gears & Gadgets

We will be reviewing Gears and Gadgets for both on and off the bicycle.

Why I Stopped Buying Biking Sunglasses
One of the things I “nerded” out about when I started cycling was wearing sunglasses. I love my eyes (and you should too) so I want to take care of them as long as possible. Protecting it from harmful UV rays is a high priority when you’re out in the road under the hot sun. more »

Why I Stopped Buying Biking Sunglasses

Buff Headwear
When it comes to my most favorite thing that I love to wear on a bike tour, or even on a camping or hiking trip, it’s got to be my Buff. This simple, yet versatile, piece of gear has been an incredible asset on my packing list when I travel. I was first introduced to more »

Gear Review: Buff Headwear

Gear Review: Thermoball Jacket 2
It is rare these days that you go somewhere and not see people wearing these ultra popular puffy jackets. I am talking about these lightweight and packable jackets from companies, like North Face, Patagonia, and many others. Outdoor Labs released a thorough review of these insulated jackets that’s worth taking a look at. But first, more »

Gear Review: The North Face Thermoball Jacket