Opening A Can Without A Can Opener (Video)   Recently updated !

This week’s video addresses one main concern I used to have on the road: Did I bring the can opener? You see, I only have 1 tool that has a can opener and that’s my rarely-used Swiss Army multi-tool, which I specifically carry for my kitchen utensils on a trip. If I forget to carry can openers, I bet there are others out there who also forget as well, so this is my video to help you all out there.

Here’s a little bit of “behind the scenes” scoop and a cautionary tale. In the process of practicing for this video, I suffered a minor cut to my right pinky attempting to open a can. You’ll notice that there is a band-aid covering the cut. While I was practicing how to use a spoon to open my first can ever, I made the mistake of lifting the lip of the lid up exposing the sharp edges of the lid. The spoon slipped and the next thing I knew, I was bleeding. Don’t worry, it was just a flesh wound. Nothing deep or serious, but I just wanted to remind you guys to be careful if you try this. Wear those cycling gloves (full-fingered if you have them) for protection.

Let me know what you think about the video below. Was it useful? Did you try it? Don’t forget that I am releasing a video a week.

The Video

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