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If you haven’t already noticed, I have dedicated this week to cover all things Garmin Edge Touring related, so this post is not any different. I will walk you through creating turn-by-turn navigation in just 3 easy steps. You can read about here or just watch the YouTube video I made below.




Step 1

Let’s hop on your computer and open your favorite browser and navigate over to Google Maps – (http://maps.google.com). Once there, find the place you want to bike tour to. Provide a starting point to get directions. Be sure to turn on cycling directions so Google can help pick roads that are suitable for cyclists (feature is currently in beta so your mileage may vary). Adjust the route exactly the way you want it. Once ready, copy the URL from the browser’s address line.


 GPS Visualizer


Step 2

Open another tab or browser window and navigate to GPS Visualizer – (http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert_input). From there, select “GPX” in the field labeled “Output format”. Then paste the URL from Step 1 in the field “Or provide the URL of a file on the Web”. Click on the “Convert” button. Once the page loads with a link to the file, click on the link to download the file. This is located above the text box. The file will be labeled with a random number ending with “.gpx”. Be sure you know where it is saved on your computer for the next step.


Garmin Edge Touring



Step 3

Plug your Garmin Edge Touring device using the USB cable or take the micro SD card out and plug it into an adapter for your computer to read. Open the card / device and navigate to the “Garmin > New Files” folder. From there, drag and drop the “.gpx” file from Step 2 into this folder. Eject your device or card and place the card back into the Garmin Edge Touring device and power it on. Once on, navigate on the Garmin to “Where to? > Saved > Courses”. You should find the turn-by-turn directions sitting there ready for you to start. Press the “RIDE” button to load the course on the Garmin. Make sure you’re near the beginning so that you’re not prompted continuously.

More Help

And there you have it! A 3 step process of getting turn-by-turn navigation for your Garmin Edge Touring Navigator. If you need more help, I produced a walk through for your reference. Hope that helps.



Here is the original article which taught me how to do this.


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